Rarer conditions diagnosed at the clinic

Acne necrotica miliaris, scarring alopecias, frontal band alopecia, frontal fibrosing alopecia, bamboo hair, cutis verticis gyrata, folliculitis decalvins, pseudopelade, hirsutism, trichotilomania, lichenisation, trichokryptomania, diffuse areata, lichen planus, discoid lupus erythematosus, pityriasis capitis, tinea capitis.

Trichological Consultation

Your first consultation is likely to last up to an hour. This time is spent gathering information about your medical health history, medications that you currently take, nutritional status, lifestyle, and hairdressing practices. Followed by a thorough examination of your hair and scalp. This may also involve microscopy. A list of any current medications will be required prior to the consultation.

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Conditions such as Sebborhoeic eczema, Contact dermatitis, Cosmetic, Chemical alopecia, Psoriasis, Folliculitis, Male and Female Pattern baldness are often diagnosed straight away. Some forms of inflammatory, diffuse, or scarring hair loss may need further investigation with the need for blood tests, this would be arranged by the clinic through your GP. At a later date you will be asked to return for a followup this is included in the initial consultation fee. Where appropriate, if required advice on surgical hair restoration and referral may also be given during your consultation.

Stephen Carson MIT Consultant trichologist

I am a registered Institute of Trichologists Hair and Scalp Consultant, practicing in Woodside Park Finchley in North London. I diagnose and treat hair and scalp conditions . I completed my clinical training over 20 years ago at the Institute of Trichologists education centre which enabled me to acquire a sound medical background of hair loss and scalp conditions pertaining to all different races.( Our Institute is recognised for its expertise in Hair and Scalp conditions) . I come from a hairdressing background with many years experience in the industry. This has enabled me to develop a caring wealth of knowledge that continues to grow.

My Prices

Initial Consultation (during normal clinic hours) £105.00
Single Wet Scalp Treatment from £45.00
Single Dry Treatment £20.00
Post Consultation Check Up £40.00
Initial Consultation Home Visit £140.00

Trichologist London

Trichologist Treatments

In the clinic, I carry out Trichological treatments which are tailored to patient’s individual needs. In addition, nutrition and the use of specific food supplements often play a role in my approach to supporting treatment. Each patient is seen on a one to one basis and the clinic adheres to the Institutes ethical code of practice.