Hair Thinning London

Diffuse Hair Fall.

This hair condition can affect anyone. It is not like the patchy hair loss condition of  Alopecia Areata, however that can some times presents itself in a diffuse form. One usually notices more hair than normal in your hair brush or the basin after washing. The normal hair growth cycle which can last from 2 – 6 years depending on your racial trait, gets interupted and enters a pre mature  resting stage where by 2- 3 weeks later it is shed from the scalp.Normal daily hair shedding is between 60 – 100 hairs, this is greatly increased.

There are a number of causes for this the most common are Post child birth when hormones are re adjusting. Loss of blood after an accident or operation. Some drugs can cause this i.e Beta blockers. Nutritional deficiency is an area that Trichologists will also explore. Long term conditions that may not be diagnosed yet include Pre diabetic states, thyroid function and Vitamin and Mineral status . These possibilities will be explored when visiting a Trichologist and blood tests will confirm most diagnosis. Once the cause has been identified of which there can often be more than one. Treatment can reverse this condition.

Follicular Degeneration Syndrome

This condition is caused by the action of traction and pulling on the hair over a long period of time, resulting in  weaknesses in the Henley and Huxley layer and gradual shrinking  of the hair follicle. Lack of visibility of the follicle and scarring indicate complete destruction of the follicle. There is often follicular inflammation, which can sometimes lead to infection. Early treatment  intervention and a change of styling habit is key here.


Manual traction leading to initial progressive marginal hair line loss.   Repeated chemical action for prolonged periods and incorrect application can also have a degenerative effect on the hair follicle. Examples include: Bleaching , Relaxer, Perm, Radio therapy and freezing.

What do people say about us?

I first visited Stephen Carson 10 years ago as I was losing my hair. This was of concern to me as Mr Carson diagnosed Male Pattern Baldness. I have been treated from that day and am pleased to say that the rate of my hair loss has been greatly slowed down by the treatment. I cant thank Mr Carson enough and would recommend anyone in a similar position.

Mr Matt.S

I went to see Stephen Carson suffering from Psoriasis and Alopecia. The bald patch of hair loss on my head was enormous. I was so pleased, after the fantastic treatments, he cured both the Psoriasis and the Alopecia in a short period of time. I just use the clinic shampoo and prescribed supplement now. I am extremely grateful to him and would highly recommend him.

Mrs Lorraine .D